Grey grades

  • Respect. Respect for our customers, environment, standards of modern living and safety has been the RAW-factor in our innovation process towards developing the best insulation material in EPS-market.
  • Advanced. Advanced process technology ensures up to 20 % higher insulation perfomance, meaning significant reduction in energy consumption. Applications converted from RAW G keeps households warm in the toughest conditions of cold winters, also keeping them cool and comfortable in the heat of summer. With durable and sustainable raw material selection your home can be a home for future generations to come.
  • Where. Wherever you need outstanding insulation performance. One material for ICF, ETICS, floor, roof, ceiling, cavity wall, loose fill, SIP, you name it!
  • Green. Grey is the new green. It is recyclable, light-weight, cost competitive and reducing greenhouse gas emissions. International environmental targets set to construction materials are fullfilled with RAW G, made up with 98% of air.


ProductBeadTypical uses
G-510p0.8 - 1.6Block moulding
GF-514p0.8 - 1.6Block and shape moulding


Dokument Hent
Technical data sheet G-510p
Technical data sheet GF-514p